Whether your books are not in good shape or you just want to manage your financial information better and have a professional team to assist you so you can focus on your business, our professional team is available to assist you.  

Instead of putting your books in the hands of a single internal bookkeeper — and risking delays, errors, inconsistency etc — your books will be handled by your own dedicated team of professional bookkeepers under the supervision and sign off by CPA(s) and Tax Accountant(s) ensuring quality and tax impact review and consideration on a journal and transaction level.
We care about the detail, accuracy and timing of the financial information, which starts with the journal entry.
Whether you have your own system or would like to use one of our systems, prefer regular bookkeeping and financial statements or only require an annual or ad hoc processing we will be happy to assist you.
Also, we are very happy to train and support your in-house team to save your cost and keep the day-to-day financial information closer to you.