Make IT infrastructure more reliable, more accessible and easier to use with cloud and off-site services.
Ranging from email, storage, backup and phone systems we can advise and implement a wide range of service solutions from various select vendors.
Implementing effective cloud based services can allow you to access and business essential services from almost anywhere you have an Internet connection, be it data and files, telephony or email.
Moving services to the cloud also saves space and energy allowing you to more effectively use your existing office and reducing your power bills.

We only recommend services and companies we have fully tested and that are well established and reputable. We review all privacy, security and data usage policies they have to ensure all best practices are followed. 

More and more could services are becoming feature rich and suitable for everyday use.
We can examine your current systems usage and advise on which of them it may be advantageous to move off-site or into cloud based systems.