Our team has the expertise to analyze and map the performance of your finance function whether internal or outsourced, make actionable recommendations to improve relevant processes based on metrics agreed with the client, institute the necessary changes, and track progress once the changes are made.

Our objective is to asses whether both the current system and process employed are operationally and cost efficient and propose improvements if and where possible to achieve the objective.

Often this includes:

  • Documented processes  - enable continuity in case of staff rotation and also ease of the process review
  • System improvement - as the technology advances there are various new and low cost technologically and process efficient options available to consider and employ
  • Team structure and individual role(s) review
  • Overall process redesign - often we find that companies follow certain process just because it has been in place for a long time and passed onto the current team or person in charge by a previous person or team in charge regardless whether the process makes sense and / or is efficient

In many cases, fixes are simple and can be employed easily once the process is reviewed and discussed and analyzed with the client`s team. Our team will be happy to assist you and often at no or low cost to you.