Virtual Office solutions are ideal if you are looking to set up a company, or are working from home but need a professional front office at a prestigious address. You can rest assured that you will never miss a call with all of your phone calls professionally answered by our center team.

A Virtual Office consists of dedicated telephone line that is answered and managed by our multilingual team of receptionists and use of our business address for mail, business cards and on your collateral.

Telephone Answering Services
As part of the Virtual Office you will be allocated dedicated business lines. You are free to tailor how our team answers and processes your calls in different situations. We can forward you the call, send the caller to voicemail or we can take a verbal message and forward it to you via email.
▪   Office phone calls answered professionally
▪   Dedicated business line assigned to your company
▪   Answering service with a tailor-made script
▪   Calls forwarded to any designated number
▪   Provision of a local fax number
▪   Messages passed to you by phone, fax or email
▪   Voicemail with 24 hours retrieval feature
▪   Voicemail can be scribed and passed on in email

Virtual Business Address
With a prestigious business address without an office, a virtual package is a great solution for new business. You can use your virtual address as your registered business address on paperwork, on your business cards and website. You can have multiple locations along our virtual network to show your regional business presence without needing to leave home!
▪   Use of our center address as your business address
▪   Incoming mail handling with email notification
▪   Mail forwarding and storage services
Choose from any of our locations across Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and also have access to meeting rooms and use of secretarial and concierge facilities within our centers.

Virtual Office Plus 
Go for a Virtual Office Plus package by combining a telephone line and business address together. And if you need an office for a certain number of days per month with access to our business lounges we can customize a plan for you including as many days a month as you need.