Our approach is based on providing client solutions that deliver desired results within your budget and timeframe.

We are a professional service group with multilingual professionals and core competences that include: market entry, accounting & tax, HR, payroll & benefits, on-demand professionals, legal & transactional, business consulting, virtual office and co-working, IT and infrastructure.

As a general approach, we act as our client`s internal team of experts and “goalkeepers” for each of the service areas that we provide.

We are a professional multilingual team with much expertise and draw upon a deep pool of external professionals who can assist our clients when needed. Our internal team is at the core of everything we do., When we outsource professional staff to our clients, they remain connected to, and are monitored by our internal staff. This measure provides additional quality control and governance capacity for our clients.

Contrary to traditional accounting, tax, recruitment, or business consulting firms, we provide multiple options and solutions, not a single line of services.

Our solutions include:

a.) Direct services to get the job done off-site i.e. outsourcing;

b.) People on-site i.e. recruitment or workforce dispatch;

c.) Advice on improvements to your processes, systems, resources;

d.) A combination of the above.

The bottom line is we support what works best for you, based on your schedule, current situation, corporate culture, and last, but not least, any budgetary constraints.


OUTSOURCING – Services delivered directly by the Professional Service Team

PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES – Resources linked directly to our internal professional service team for performance monitoring and control, knowledge support. If necessary, we also back up any in-house resources for continuity purposes.

BUSINESS CONSULTING – Sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices from our Professional Service Team with our clients. Our Professional Service Team can assist with partial, or full implementation of the business advice provided via Business Consulting Services.



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